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9/6/2017 - Mark Webber makes a very important contribution to a Smithsonian article relating to timber thieves of Northern California's Redwoods. How breakthrough's in tree DNA science can help clamp down on these criminals.  Click here for the full article!

Rain is a good thing! 

Mark Webber is now a New Jersey Certified Tree Expert  click here

Mark Webber designated by the Arboricultural Association in the (United Kingdom) UK as a "TechArborA"           click here  

How to Prune Evergreens  click here

Diagnosis of Plant Decline and Death “What is the primary/root cause; abiotic vs biotic?” click 

Mark Webber's Landscaping win's GOLD Again                                       click here

The American Sycamore “The Ghost of the American Forest”           click here

The Big Bur/Burr of Oak trees                                                                   click here

Mark is nationally known expert                                                                 click here

Seeing What a Tree Is Really Telling You                                            Click here

Mark Webber's Landscaping Prevents A Tragedy                                 Click here

Mark saves 49 Trees                                                                                  Click here

Buckeye Arborist September/October 2014                                               Click here

Buckeye Arborist July/August 2014                                                            click here  

Giving back                                                                                                 click here

Unknown insect found by Mark Webber's Landscaping                                     click here 

Mark Webber becomes a "Board Certified Master Arborist"                        click here

Woodland Dogwoods                                                                                 click here

Mark Webber becomes a qualified "Tree Risk Assessor"                                   click here

Mark Webber Landscaping Company Save Trotwood Ohio                         click here

Garden Talk with Mark Webber LIVE Chat                                                  click here

Dayton Daily News "Line Clearance issues"                                                  click here 

Frost Protection   News center 7                                                                click here 

Dayton Daily News January  2008                                                                Click here                                                              

Dayton Daily News March 2013                                                                    click here

Dayton Daily News June 2012                                                                     click here

Dayton Daily News August 2011                                                                  click here

Dayton Daily News April 2011 Favorite shrubs                                               click here

Dayton Daily News January 2011                                                                  click here

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