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Many plants have strict requirements of light, soil conditions, soil pH, drainage, and other site needs. When these needs are ignored and plants are installed without meeting these requirements a plant's service life will be cut short which results in your landscaping dollars investment will be loss. 

At Mark Webber Landscaping Company we offer plant suggestions and master landscape plans that are based on what science, research and what 40 plus years of planting plants in sites like yours.  Once the site conditions are understood we can help you find and match the unique plants that fit the desired look that you want. By matching the site conditions with the unique plant looks will create a long-lasting plant that will stretch your landscaping dollars and avoid the costly trial by error method.If you need help or have questions about your yard and landscape please contact us by clicking the contact page here or call our office at 937.835.3381 or use the Chat function button at the right portion of the screen.