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                                                                Mark Webber is a Tree & Landscape Consultation,Expert Witness and Forensic Investigations                        
                   Consultation and Expert Witness Services


Mark Webber is Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA)that brings well over 40 years of combined national and international experience with arboricultural and horticultural matters. Less than 2% of all the Certified Arborist in the world hold the credential of BCMA. The board from the American Society for the Horticultural Sciences(ASHS) has designated Mark as Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH). He is also recognized as a TechArborA designation by the United Kingdom(UK) Arboricultural Association. 


Mark is court qualified and has provided expert witness testimony and speaks to a wide range of issues to home owners ,green's industry professionals, property owners, engineers, builders,municipalities, insurance professionals, and lawyers throughout the United States of America including locations like Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Nebraska,New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, Nevada, Minnesota, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Florida, New York, California and Maryland. 

Mark has been designated by the Board of Tree Experts in New Jersey as a Certified Tree Expert(CTE) and is a license arborist in various states.

Mark Webber's Landscaping Company is the only rated arborist/horticultural rated expert firm in the United States.

Mark has provided hundred's of report's and given countless hours of expert testimony regarding a wide range of issues. Including forensic investigations for negligence, plant value ,herbicide injuries, tree and branch failure, utility tree management ,tree and plant reconstruction, improper planting, tree risk assessment, civil trespass, equipment use and inspection, sinkholes, endangered and protected animals involved in tree and landscape operations, criminal trespass, hazard plant determination, historic plant preservation, tree and plant inventories, workplace safety, site development and other issues needing an expert consultation 

                Mark's C.V is click here 

Mark has the reputation of digging deep and finding what others miss and many times have overlook.  Mark's is known nationally and internationally as knowledge resource and common his sense approach makes the complicated facts of any case into a clear picture of what was the cause, effect and the lasting effects.   

Mark additionally works with property owners to develop care plans for trees and landscaping plans.  If you are planning to build a home, plant a tree, develop a backyard patio or any other projects you may want to get a second opinion on how and if the project will meet your expectations.                                                            

Services Offered: 
 -Tree Risk Assessment Qualified(TRAQ)#16532. Mark Webber is the only Board Certified Master Arborist in Southwest Ohio who is TRAQ qualified. He provides reports to property owners, insurance agents, engineers, legal industry and others of what the risk are of any tree found in the United States. 
  •  -Bench and Court Room Experience 
-Mark is one of a few Arborist in the United States to be a Certified Wildlife Protector #677, speaking to questions regarding the standards of protection of federal and state protected species of animals that are effected by tree and landscape operations. click here  to learn more 
  •        -IRS Tree Value Determination  click here  to learn more 

  •       -Tree and Plant Value Determination  click here to learn more 

                        (Car crushed by a tree, This tree failure was caused by sidewalk repairs by a contractor violating the trees critical root zone) (Photo source Mwebber2013)                               

 -Tree and plant assessment services include:
                                  -Soil and Nutrient issues click here

                                  -Hazard tree and landscape mitigation click here

                                  -Expert Witness Testimony click here

                                  -Historic Tree and plant preservation click here

                                  -Insurance Claims click here 

                                  -Herbicide and Chemical Over Spray Events click here

                                  -Cause of Death or Decline of Plants and Trees click here

                                  -Wall and Landscape Failure Determination click here

                                  -Drainage assessments and planning click here

                                  -Master Planning of Tree Inventories and Management click here

                                  -Duty of Care Reports   click here

                                  -Site Planning    click here

                                  -Pesticide including Herbicide injury and usage        click here

                                  -Tree protection during and after construction     click here

                                  -Improper Pruning assessments  click here

                                  -Plant and landscape inventories  click here

                                  -Other issues related to plant/tree/turf grass and landscape forensics 

Sample Case Work:

Herbicide Damage through out mid-west
August 2011 – August 2012

Investigated 1000's of plant injuries related to the herbicide Imprelis for Legal Firms for class action law suit against DuPont. Witness/reported/cataloged/sampled soil and tissue collection in Ohio and Indiana

Tree Trespass Brookville Ohio

July 2012

Survey and determine value of over 100 trees damaged related to property trespass. Case resolved positively for the client before trial. 

Tree damage by car accident Camden Ohio

January 2013

Determine value of a number of trees damaged and destroyed by a vehicle accident

Imprelis investigation Indianapolis Indiana

December 2012

Determine long-term health of plants that had the chemical Imprelis applied and if replacement or repair would be the best way to determine cost of damages.

Walnut Death in Springfield Ohio

August 2012

Determine the cause of death of over 75 Black Walnut (Juglans nigra)

Plant and Tree Damage in Springfield Ohio

April 2013

Provided expert witness in a case of trespass of plant damages that resulted in a award by the court for the client of treble damages plus cost.

Pesticide over spray event expert witness

May 2004 – November 2009

Recorded and observed the damages to 7 acres of land in Clark County Ohio related to a major over spray event with agricultural pesticides in which the clients case was settled in their favor prior to going to court.

Tree damage Trespass with underground installation of utility

January 2000 Health and value determination of trees damaged from the installation of geo-thermal system. Case resolved positively for the client before trial. 

Imprelis Herbicide Investigation-Mt.Gilead Ohio

December 2011

Investigated,collected evidence on over 100 trees damaged by the pesticide Imprelis

Imprelis Herbicide -Tipp City Ohio

November 2011

Investigated/collected evidence of over 100 trees and landscape plants damaged by Imprelis Herbicide and determine loss value

Tree Risk Assessment Centerville Washington Twp Park's Dept

June 2013

Risk assessment of 3 major trees on park property

Personal Injury Case-tree fall determination

September 1997

Determine how and time frame when a tree fell 10 years prior to falling on a fence,which allowed a livestock to escape and cause a car accident.Case resolved positively for the client before trial. 

Imprelis Herbicide Investigation Bloomington Indiana

August 2012

Investigated/collected samples for evidence and determine the value loss of over 400 trees and plants

Tree Damage-Trespass Springfield Ohio

January 2013

Provided expert witness testimony and report to court regarding 
Defendant: RUTH ANN GEORGE ET AL for the Plaintiff. Plaintiff won a judgement of over $3000.00 trespass and damages

Lewisburg Ohio-Pesticide Over Spray Event Investigation/Report

July 2013

Investigated 7 properties in near Lewisburg Ohio and did a determination of damage and wrote a 281 page report.

Improper Tree Planting Report in Beavercreek Ohio

August 2013

Inspected 6 trees in Beavercreek Ohio , found 2 which were plants well below grade and 4 others determined to be in peril related to expanding root plates being harmed by wire basket rings in expanding root plate zone.

325 Plant value determination in Economy Indiana

August 2013

Determine the value of 325 plants due trespass event

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