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        Expert Witness

Mark Webber is Board Certified Master Arborist that brings over 40 years of combined experience. Mark is court qualified and has provided expert witness testimony and speaks to a wide range of issues to home owners ,green's industry professionals, property owners, engineers,   builders,municipalities, insurance professionals, and lawyers throughout the United States of America including locations like Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Illinois, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Florida, New York, Virginia, California and Maryland.         Mark Webber's Landscaping Company is the only Arborist Expert rated by A.M Best in the U.S. 

 Mark has provided 100's of reports and given countless hours of expert testimony regarding a wide range of issues  including forensic investigations for negligence, plant value , tree and branch failure, utility tree management ,tree and plant reconstruction, improper planting, tree risk assessment, civil trespass, equipment use and inspection, equipment use, professional liability, sinkholes, endangered and protected animals involved in tree and landscape operations, criminal trespass, hazard plant determination, historic plant preservation, workplace safety, site development and other issues needing an expert consultation. 

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