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Dendrochronology. Carbohydrate conditions. Decay. Stability. Soil. Phytotoxicity.

We can test and determine why plants won't grow, why they died and why the break and fail.  We usually start with a Visual Tree and Plants with an Assessment from the ground or an aerial inspection. If further testing is necessary, there are several options for determining wood strength and condition:


Which is a drilling instrument used to determine the density of wood by measuring the amount of resistance presented to the drilling needle as it is driven into the tree. The drilling resistance profiles show clearly where compression wood, annual rings, decay in various stages, and other defects have been encountered by the drilling needle.

Pull Test:

Which is also known as Static Integrated Assessment, measures the amount of compression and tension of wood at the base of a tree and movement at the roots by applying a predetermined load on the lever arm of the tree.

Soil Profile:

Using an auger system, we can inspect your soil profile to determine how the existing conditions may be affecting your landscape. The soil is an essential component of tree health and stability. 

Soil Testing:

We can provide Soil Analysis to determine if your soil has deficiencies or excessive levels of particular elements and recommend an appropriate fertilization program for your sites needs. With the use of a tensiometer, we can provide soil moisture analysis and monitoring.

Chemical residue testing:

If you suspect herbicides or other phytotoxins have injured or killed plant you own. We at Mark Webber's Landscaping Company have extensive experience collecting and discovering what has caused these losses.  

Starch Testing:    

If you want to know the true measure of how healthy a tree is a decades-old test can be conducted by using a special formulation of iodine is placed on the root or stem portions of tree and plants.

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