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                                                                  Client Comments

"Leon is just thrilled with his visit with Mark Webber. It was worth every penny he paid for it at the garden auction. This was a special two hour event for Leon. Many thanks!

"Thank you very much. We are very happy with the work your crew has done. You have competent employees and a knowledgable leader in Rob."
Tracy S.


"Thank you for the work that Rob and his crew did at our home last week. Sorry we missed them, but everything looks great"

George H. (Cedarville, OH) 

Mark and crew,

Rob did an excellent job.  He is very thorough and knowledgeable. 

Thanks,  Marcia and Alan 

We want it all again this year!

I thought the yard looked particularly well last year. Great job.

The improvements and good looks last year were a team effort. Marcus had great ideas for drainage and tidying up the south property line. That turned out very nicely. Rob and his helper kept the trimming done and the beds neat. Shane paid extra attention to edging and detailing with every mow. Finally, Marcus and Rob worked together on a winter trim and bracing the cypress. Outstanding jobs all around. Please thank your crews for us.

Virgil (Washington Twp.)

"Stellar is the one word I would use. He knows his craft. He's fixed what other landscaping/arborists have broken. He has brought back trees planted by first tier landscaping suppliers that were on death's door. Even when we were sure our blue spruce had needle-cast and would need to be cut down, he pulled out his pocket magnifying glass and was able to conclude that needle-cast was NOT the problem, and we were able to save (10) fifteen year old trees. Those were trees we could never have replaced in terms of size. When our maple trees seemed to be choking themselves due to girdling, he was able to take a leaf sample and analyze that it was suffering more from a lack of manganese. Normal range is 70 - 285ppm, and ours were suffering at 14ppm. We paid $300 for each of these trees 15 years ago. Again - can't afford to replace at their current size. He has been deep feeding the roots since last fall, and things are looking up. He literally saved our entire landscaping which we installed when the house was build 15 years ago. If you want an arborist and knowledgeable landscape artist, not just a landscape jockey who knows how to spray chemicals - Mark Webber is your guy."

Judy from Beavercreek

We were just impressed with your worker’s climbing ability and how he was very careful.  I am sure the non-certified tree “experts” rarely, if ever use a safety harness.  We enjoyed watching your crew work.

Ed in Kettering

We love our yard!  Thank you!


Mark your crews are top notch! They were a delight to watch them climb and prune our trees. What I was most impressed was how the team did they're work in such a safe manner.


We have changed and transformed our property into a garden of eden! Our property was a mess when we moved in and the honest opinions and hard work of your company has taken a junk yard backyard into a oasis. 


Your crew was wonderful! Knowledgeable, Kind + hardworking!

Mike and his crew did a wonderful job!!  Marcus was great as always.   

  Thanks,     Marcia

Great Job this spring! Marcus helped with a creek bed and its draining so much better now and rob and his team did a wonderful installation and clean up!  You guys are the best!  

Thanks, R+V

I hired the best & I get the best. Your crew have done a wonderful job!

Thanks, Diane

Mark and Kim
The crew was professional and knowledgeable about the proper pruning of my tree's. It's refreshing to call a professional and get professional results!  

Deanna from West Carrolton 

Mark & Kim
I just wanted to include a quick note about your representative, Delaney. She was so easy to work with, answered all my questions and took care with our tree and property. She is a definite asset to you company!

Many thanks for the excellent service, Janet

Thank you for the wonderful experience of inspecting my trees!  Jim

Our yard looks SO much better. THANK YOU!!!--Kathy

The next time I am looking for a tree I will be contacting you since you are very knowledgeable of Ohio!




I would not trust anyone else with my trees and I always tell everyone I know that!


Thanks Mark.  You guys are good!  Of course, Chris told me the story that Marcus was in the neighborhood and stopped by to see if we wanted it treated.  I don’t know why I didn’t catch that I missed saying I wanted it done.  I appreciate Marcus’ customer service! 



I particularly appreciate the care taken during the mowing visit to tidy the edges and blow away debris.

Virgil S.

Mark and Kim after doing business with you for 18 years I am selling my house and I am moving in with my mom in Texas. Over the years you and your team were simply the best at what you do and the new owners want you to continue to care for the property!  Thank Thank Thank you I will miss you guys!

Linda from Centerville


It is always a pleasure to meet and talk with you.  We really appreciate all your help and expertise, and the great work that your staff does for us.

Courtney was here yesterday and completed the slice seeding.  Great timing before last night beneficial rain.

Bob T.

Mark is very knowledgeable about his trade and is an outstanding horticulturist!
Dr. Gary Gao
Adjunct Associate Professor at The Ohio State University

We hired Mark after listening to him on the radio for many years. He was prompt and took great care and much time in helping us make decisions for the care and health of our needy trees. We have gained much insight and help from him in choosing the appropriate plants and trees for our lawn and landscaping as well as care for the existing ones. I appreciate his passion for wanting to make the Dayton area a beautiful and safe place!

Joan H.

Thank you for taking good care of me once again!  The area looks great with both shrubs gone! 

Kathy R.

Chaely and her crew did a great job yesterday with the planting, trimming and putting the stone down in the back.

Dennis M.

Thank you for a Great Job, every year we think that our spring clean up work is the better than the year before by Mark Webber's Landscaping only to be even more impressed that this year was even better!

Marsha P.

Thank you for a job well done!


Kathy W.

Webber's Landscaping is owned and operated by a Certified Arborists and a degreed horticulturalist.

Mark Webber as president and owner of Webber's Landscaping provided excellent services at my home.

I had a drainage problem and Mark installed a most lovely and practical rain garden which is most beautiful and yielded a practical solution to a problem.

Like other local patrons, Emerald Ash Bore was a problem and Mark took out my ash trees which I was about to lose and replaced them with other more suitable trees.

His staff provided a number of other valued services such as spring and fall cleanup, weed and pest control, lawn aeration, and a number of others.

Mark has a quality staff and I enjoyed having them around.

I do endorse and recommend Mark Webber's organization and I also heartily recommend tuning in to WHIO and listening to Garden Talk, a most respected gardening radio broadcast for over 25 years in the Miami Valley.

Please consider Webber's Landscaping for your gardening and yard needs.


Denise M. B

November 2 years ago, you planted a maple in my front yard, I rent my house now and this morning I drove past and the tree was the most beautiful color. Thank you for making such a good selection. It's the best looking tree in the neighborhood. Wish I could still live there. 

Thank you, Iola!


 Of course, Marcus did a fantastic job (as always)!

Kathy in Kettering


I'm writing to commend the excellent job that Rob and the team did at my residence yesterday. They were professional, pleasant, and had a great attitude. Obviously they like what they do, want to please the client, and show that with their conscientious work and clean-up. They are dedicated workers and great ambassadors for your business.

Beverly S.

Rob and his crew did a great job today. We know Rob is a hard worker but his two assistants worked hard also. I know I gave you a hard time about the mulch in previous years but the new mulch is great. Rob is a true professional.
You have some great people.

Mark-After all these years I should know better than to doubt your recommendations! Talk about a spring WOW my backyard looks incredible! Lovely!!!!  

Thank you! Emalee

Mark----I can't tell you how excellent your crews were Energetic, Personal, Professional, etc, etc.

Dwight and Georgie

The crew did a great job!

Mrs. P.

Thank you! Thank you! Your crew did a Great job this year!


I have been a customer of Mark Webber Landscaping for many years, and have always been pleased with the level of service and communication with Mark and his team.  Over the years, Mark’s company has installed a new landscape (still beautiful after many years), new lawn, underground piping and French drains to solve a water issue.  My neighbors often comment on how beautiful my lawn and exterior of my home are. That is thanks to Mark Webber.  I can heartily recommend his fine services to others who seek to have a perpetual beautiful lawn and landscape.

Kathleen S.

West Carrollton, OH

Mark is the ever-vigilant landscaping professional. Takes into account what is best for the landscape as well as for the customer, so both are happy.

Bill R. in Beavercreek Ohio

We hired Mark after listening to him on the radio for many years. He was prompt and took great care and much time in helping us make decisions for the care and health of our needy trees. We have gained much insight and help from him in choosing the appropriate plants and trees for our lawn and landscaping as well as care for the existing ones. I appreciate his passion for wanting to make the Dayton area a beautiful and safe place! March 3, 2013

Joan Hunt Dayton Ohio

Mark came to my house to give me another idea for a landscape screen. He was very professional and was prompt with his ideas. He thought I could use 9 Viburnum plants to act as a screen

. J. Neidhart Dayton Ohio

Mark Webber is the guru of landscaping. When I think of landscaping in the Miami Valley, I think of Mark. He not only runs a landscaping company, but he also hosts the radio talk show, Garden Talk on Dayton's WHIO Radio. I've heard him answer questions and solve problems that most "landscapers" would have to google or look up in a book

Greg McAfee Beavercreek Ohio

Mark Webber is one of the most driven people I know. He cares deeply about his profession and his clients. He has developed expertise in an extremely wide variety of disciplines within the field of landscaping/horticulture. From hardscapes to vegetable gardens, Mark is the person to contact for all sorts of landscaping needs.

Pete F. Dayton Ohio

Mark is a knowledgeable and passionate entrepreneur who deeply cares about his clients and craft(s). I endorse his vision to educate the general public on the culture, study, and exhibition of greenhouse plants and legendary landscaping techniques.

Star P. Dayton 

Mark and his crew have worked on multiple projects for us through the years. Most recently, they were able to remove a 100 ft. tall ash tree that was severely damaged and uprooted during the July 2012 windstorm without causing any collateral damage. He and his crews are thorough and responsible.

Bob K. Centerville Ohio

“Mark and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable about lawn and gardening issues. Because Mark is a certified arborist and keeps up with the latest science he has been successful so far in keeping my ash tree from being killed by the emerald ash borer. He has also replace my old lawn hybrid with a new, drought resistant grass hybrid. We are very pleased with the result” November 27, 2012

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Barb C. hired Mark as a Gardener in 2007, and hired Mark more than once

“Mark is a knowledgeable and passionate entrepreneur who deeply cares about his clients and craft(s). I endorse his vision to educate the general public on the culture, study, and exhibition of greenhouse plants and legendary landscaping techniques.” November 28, 2012

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Mark Webber and Webber Landscape provided me with an expert consultation, a plan that included saving some unhealthy plants/shrubs and delivered on what was promised. His staff were courteous and knowlegeable as well and did excellent work. Mark's expertise allowed me to improve my landscape, save trees and plants and beautify my home. 
I would highly recommend Mark and Webber Landscape.” November 29, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Mark A. hired Mark as a Certified Arborist and Landsaper in 2012

“Mark really knows his trees! He is easy to talk with and really has a ton of knowledge. I look forward to continuing with with Mark in the future!” December 3, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

David A.

hired Mark as a Landscaping in 2010, and hired Mark more than once

“Mark Weber is a knowledgeable professional in the green industry. His expertise is valuable and his persona approachable; a nice combination for a respected authority.”December 4, 2012

, Mark H.  Assistant Manager at Krohn Conservatory, City of Cincinnati
worked directly with Mark at Mark Webber's Landscaping

“I started listening to Mark Webber on WHIO radio and realized that he had a vast knowledge of plant and tree care. Over the years I have used Mark Webber Landscaping for three major landscaping projects at my home plus ongoing seasonal maintenance and have been absolutely delighted with the results. His knowledge is remarkable, will not quit until the client is happy and very diligent in solving problems in the landscape. Mark is very passionate about his business and I trust in Mark and his company wholeheartedly. His employees go above and beyond as well.” December 13, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Michele W.

hired Mark as a Landscaping/Certified Arborist in 2009, and hired Mark more than once

“I have known Mark both professionally and personnally for over 20 years. I consider him both a professional colleague as well as a very good friend. I have a great deal of respect for Mark for his extensive horticultural and arboricultural knowledge, for his continual quest for new knowledge, and most of all for his high ethical standards. The Green Industry is made much richer by Mark Webber!” December 26, 2012

 Joe Boggs Assistant Professor, OSU Extension, Hamilton County and the OSU Dept. of Entomology, The Ohio State University
worked with Mark at Mark Webber's Landscaping

"Great Plants and service can be found at Mark Webber's Landscaping!"


"All my nieghbors wonder why my property looks better than what they are currently experiancing, I tell them I do what Mark Webber Landscaping tells to do and the I am proud to say its perfect!"  Thank You!

Craig Tipp City Ohio

"Great Gardens do begin at Mark Webber's  Landscaping, my yard was a wreck I spent  $1000's on do-it-self projects and no-name company's offering great prices at high value, let me tell you Mark Webber's Landscaping Company is first class act from developing my yard on paper to the completed product, you have me as a customer for life"

Phillip  Springboro Ohio

"Thank you for the great work the crew did at my house yesterday! The landscape looks great and please tell the team that they did a great job!

  Kathy W. Kettering Ohio

"I just moved back to our home that Mark and his crew have cared for since we have been gone, it looks better now than it did 2 1/2 years ago!"

Barb   Beavercreek Ohio

"Bought 5 trees 5 years ago they are growing leaps and bounds"

Janet K.

"I have been doing business with Mark and his company now for nearly 14 years, they have transformed my yard that truly hated to a place I want to be in all the time" 

Dorthy P.  Riverside Ohio

"My tree was nearly dead! You came out to my house and decided that it had stem girdling roots.  Your trained technician came out and did and excellent job, a year latter this tree is growing again!" 

 Bob    Vandalia Ohio

"My wife and i have worked with numerious lawn/landscape company's over the years, no one and I mean no one holds a flame to Mark Webber's landscaping.  From Mark to their professional staff they do good work at fair and honest prices and always do what they say they are going to do!" 

Steve     Kettering Ohio

"I visited you Nursery and Farm this last weekend, wow I have never seen so many types of plants!  Its so nice to visit a real working farm and buy direct and save money.  The same plants I bought from you where 30% higher in cost than a the local chain store.  Best of all was the service, Its such a delight to be around a staff that loves what it does, I will be back with lots of my friends!"        

 Bonny     Harrison Twp.

"I looked for years trying to find Snakebark Maples to add to my garden, no luck, I called dozens of so-called professionals and none of them didn't even know what a Snakebark Maple was. except 1.  That one was Mark Webber's Landscaping, they knew plus they grew 4 different types and had so many other shade loving plants.  Mark Webber's Landscaping has designed and built 4 gardens and each and everyone is simply better than could have dreamed!"      

Yevette   Oakwood Ohio

"I have listen to Mark over the years on the radio, he has great passion for the outdoor world, we decided to have his company redo our front landscape.  His team did an excellent job!  Mark practices what he preach's and his staff is simply awesome"    

 Steve        Xenia Ohio

"My tree was near death, Mark came out to my home, found that the company that had installed didn't remove the string off the trunk.  Mark took the time to explain and he cut it off.  He didn't charge me for his time and the tree is now growing and thriving.   His company now takes care of all my trees and he charges very reasonable prices and his crews do great work.  Thank you saving my tree and helping me! "    

 Motty    Springboro

"I have had different professionals work with us and in most experiance's have been meet with failure and we tried to build longterm relationships with profesionals, then we met Mark and his fine crew.  10 year latter and my yard is the best ever.  I know I have someone I can always trust in and that is Mark Webber's Landscaping" 

Jean Xenia

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